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We sat down with Jim Rossman, Head of Shareholder Advisory at Lazard, to get his thoughts on how Shareholder Activism will evolve throughout 2018.

Skytop interviews Barbara Berlin, Director of the Governance Insights Center at PwC, at our annual Engagement & Communication conference in New York to discuss best practices in engagement and communication between boards and investors as well as the direction shareholder engagement is heading.

Aneliya Crawford, Parter at Schulte Roth & Zabel, discusses the impact of U.S. based activist campaigns on the U.K. and European markets at our Shareholder Engagement & Communication conference in London

ESG5 covering what data investors need when building the investment case, how to connect ESG to growth, productivity and risk, aligning materiality to your company’s business model, and the evolution of best practices in investment strategies. full agenda

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