In the world of technology, the rise in concern of cyber attack is in parallel with job creation for IT jobs.

Mitchelle Schanbaum has over 25 years of experience in all phases of information technology security, training and consulting. After studying Business Administration at Texas Tech University and accounting at the University of North Texas, Mitchelle was recruited by Equifax where she flourished and discovered her overwhelming passion for Information Technology. Shortly thereafter, the move towards owning her own business became unquestionable and with that, Specialized Security Services, Inc. was born. For 18 years, Mitchelle and her dedicated team have successfully assisted organizations with implementation and oversight of their information security, privacy and regulatory compliance programs. Through her strong communications within all levels of organizations she fosters an environment which creates business relationships in which Specialized Security Services, Inc. is often recognized as a “Security Partner.” She and her team provide trusted advice and project management in all areas of information security including, but not limited to, risk management, incident response, policy and procedure development, security architecture, secured payment solutions, ASV, PCI, NIST and HITRUST compliance.

Christopher P. Skroupa: Why are tech jobs today largely cyber related?

Mitchelle Schanbaum: As cyber-attacks become more frequent and more sophisticated, the need to prevent data loss and secure more parts of an organization is becoming a prominent topic of conversation and concern. While the obvious risk of data loss is a huge concern, reputation and revenue are all at stake when considering the effect a breach could have which is why today, cyber security jobs are in high demand. The ability to protect a company’s network, applications and employee data are becoming increasing more difficult. Every company around the world must have layers of security to protect its critical assets and its customers assets. 

Skroupa: What does the growth in cyber positions indicate about cyber security?

Schanbaum: The growth in cyber security positions shows that cyber attacks are on the rise and becoming increasingly more harmful to organizations of all verticals. While preventing an attack is not easy and has a level of investment attached, having the right individuals in place to take definitive measures to safeguard against potential attackers is crucial. Even though we tend to only hear about the attacks of high-profile entities, that doesn’t mean that smaller companies are immune to these attacks. In fact, quite often, cyber criminals will target the smaller entities as a stepping stone for an even larger attack they have planned, hence the need for more qualified IT Security professionals at all levels.

Skroupa: Are some new positions more specialized?

Schanbaum: With Information Technology being in a constant state of change, there will always be positions that are more tailored to the evolution of cyber security as a whole. However, we’re finding that positions that used to focus primarily on the exterior of your company (perimeter) are now also focused and specialized on the interior of your environment, which includes application, emails and employee data.

Skroupa: How do you see new cyber talent deployed to fight cybercrime?

Schanbaum: I see a wide range of cyber security talent for the future including a rise in female employees and those not necessarily coming from a traditional background in Information Technology.  At S3, close to half of our staff is composed of women and we sincerely value our employees who not only come from the IT world but also those who have a deep understanding of business operations and finance. Cyber criminals are thieves and S3 believes in hiring the best talent in the market as we’re a proud company with a diverse pool of employees.