Reframing Human Rights

Shared Value through Global Corporate Citizenship

JUNE 28 – 29, 2017


The Skytop Strategies team takes pride in assembling top-tier audiences
to maximize not only the discussion experience and accuracy of
polling results, but the networking experience as well.

  1. Kathleen Agena
    President/Executive Director
    The Lindus Institute
    Lebanon, NH
  2. Ameer Azim
    Director – Due Diligence and ESG Research
    Silver Leaf Partners LLC
    New York, NY
  3. Dwayne Baraka
    Managing Consultant
    Washington, D.C.
  4. Helena Barton
    Partner and Client Service Executive
    Stamford, CT
  5. Joanne Beatty
    Director, Sustainability Services
    Dallas, TX
  6. Jonathan Becker
    Vice President, Academic Affairs,
    Associate Professor of Political Studies,
    Director, Center for Civic Engagement
    Bard College
    Annandale-on-Hudson, NY
  7. Stuart Bell
    Director of Policy
    Ergon Associates
    London, United Kingdom
  8. Monique Bennema
    Program Assistant
    Boston, MA
  9. Catherine Benoit
    Adjunct Lecturer
    Harvard Extension School
    Vice President, Social Sustainability
    New Earth
    Boston, MA
  10. Phil Berry
    Former Sustainability Director
    Nike Inc.
    Senior Human Rights Advisor
    Business for Social Responsibility
    Portland, OR
  11. Leon Botstein
    Bard College
    Annandale-on-Hudson, NY
  12. Melaine Campbell
    Managing Director, Global Compliance Solutions Group
    Dun & Bradstreet
    Short Hills, NJ
  13. Jocelyn Cascio
    Supply Chain Sustainability Manager
    Hudson, MA
  14. Kristen Celecki
    Global Vice President, Marketing Leader for Compliance and Supply
    Dun & Bradstreet
    Short Hills, NJ
  15. Rachel Chambers
    Senior Teaching Fellow
    SOAS, University of London
    London, UK
  16. Amanda Chiampi
    Director, Social Sustainability Integration
    Austin, TX
  17. Linsi Crain
    Senior Advisor, Corporate Responsibility and Public Policy
    Washington, D.C.
  18. Leigh Anne DeWine
    Senior Advisor, U.S. Department of State, Office to Monitor and Combat Human Trafficking
    U.S. Department of State
    Washington, D.C.
  19. Felicia Doni
    Student, Conservatory of Music
    Bard College
    Tivoli, NY
  20. Esra Elshafey
    MBA Graduate Student
    Bard College
    New York, NY
  21. Eliza Eubank
    Director of Environmental and Social Risk Management
    New York, NY
  22. Ashley Feasley
    Director of Policy, Migration Refugee Services
    Washington, D.C.
  23. Bennett Freeman
    Senior Advisor
    Business for Social Responsibility
    Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State
    Democracy, Human Rights and Labor
    Washington, D.C.
  24. Parry Gandhi
    Solutions Advisor, Supply Chain & Compliance
    Dun & Bradstreet
    New York, NY
  25. Judy Gearhart
    Executive Director
    International Labor Rights Forum
    Washington, D.C.
  26. Eban Goodstein
    Bard Center for Environmental Policy
    Annandale-On-Hudson, NY
  27. Maria Gorsuch-Kennedy
    Principal Program Manager, Supply Chain Sustainability
    Boston, MA
  28. Olivia Gosset Cooper
    MBA Graduate Student
    Bard College
    New York, NY
  29. Valentina Gurney
    Associate Program Director, Human Rights
    New York, NY
  30. Anita Househam
    Senior Manager, LEAD & Supply Chain Sustainability
    UN Global Compact
    New York, NY
  31. Greg Iaquinto
    Global Leader Product Strategy Supply
    Dun & Bradstreet
    Waltham, MA
  32. Luan Jenifer
    Executive Vice President
    Miller/Howard Investments
    Woodstock, NY
  33. Maureen Kline
    Vice President, Public Affairs & Sustainability
    Pirelli Tire North America
    New York, NY
  34. Carol Krol
    Director, Content Marketing
    Dun & Bradstreet
    Short Hills, NJ
  35. Paul Lalli
    Global Counsel, Labor and Human Rights
    General Electric
    Fairfield, CT
  36. Christopher Lamoureux
    Research and Policy Fellow
    Social Accountability International
    New York, New York
  37. Michelle Lau-Burke
    Manager, Social Sustainability and Human Rights
    United Nations Global Compact
    New York, NY
  38. Daniel Lee
    ESG Research Associate
    Miller/Howard Investments
    Woodstock, NY
  39. Luna Lee
    Human Rights Leader
    Eileen Fisher, Inc.
    New York, NY
  40. Amy Lehr
    Senior Associate
    Foley Hoag LLP
    Washington, D.C.
  41. Anne-Marie Lévesque
    Consultant, Human Rights, Labour and Gender
    Ergon Associates
    New York, NY
  42. Theresa Loar
    Senior Advisor, Human Rights
    Business for Social Responsibility
    Former Senior Vice President, Global Corporate Affairs
    Washington, D.C.
  1. Lucas Lopez-Videla
    Marketing Associate
    New York, NY
  2. Paula Luff
    Founder & Chief Executive Officer
    Viso Strategies
    New York, NY
  3. Katy Lunardelli
    Director, Impact and Engagement
    Fair Factories Clearinghouse
    Providence, RI
  4. Ryan Lynch
    Head of Advisory & Corporate Social Responsibility
    New York, NY
  5. Jason Magnus
    VP, Talent and Inclusion
    MDC Partners
    New York, NY
  6. Ameena Majid
    Seyfarth Shaw LLP
    Chicago, IL
  7. Maureen Mazurek
    Managing Director
    Innovate to Transform
    St. Louis, MI
  8. Deborah McBride
    Director, Public Relations
    Dun & Bradstreet
    Short Hills, NJ
  9. Nion McEvoy
    Bard College
    San Francisco, CA
  10. Robert McGarrah
    AFL CIO Office of Investment
    Washington, D.C.
  11. Brendan McMahon
    Lead Account Manager
    Fair Factories Clearinghouse
    Montpelier, VT
  12. Kelly Melia-Teevan
    Advisor, Global Issues and Public Policy
    San Francisco, CA
  13. Rob Michalak
    Global Director of Social Mission
    Ben & Jerry’s
    Burlington, VT
  14. Karen Morris
    Independent Strategic Innovation Consultant
    Former Chief Innovation Officer
    New York, NY
  15. Monica Nitoui
    Chicago, IL
  16. Tam Robert Nguyen
    Global Head of Sustainability
    Bechtel Corporation
    Washington, D.C.
  17. Christina Park
    Adjunct Professor, Bard MBA Sustainability Program
    Bard College
    New York, NY
  18. Amy Paulin
    State Assemblywoman
    New York State Assembly
    New York, NY
  19. Thao Pham
    Vice President of Community
    Clif Bar
    San Francisco, CA
  20. Anbinh Phan
    Director, Global Government Affairs
    Washington, DC
  21. Carrie Ellen Phillips
    New York, NY
  22. Sebastian Pillitteri
    Research Coordinator
    Institute of the Nature and Society of Oaxaca
    Oaxaca, Mexico
  23. Leila Puutio
    Communications and Marketing Coordinator
    Social Accountability International
    New York, New York
  24. Tu Rinsche
    Director, Corporate Social Responsibility
    Marriott International
    Bethesda, MD
  25. Shirin Saks
    Senior Attorney
    Dun & Bradstreet
    Short Hills, NJ
  26. Alexandra Santiago
    Sustainability Associate
    New York, NY
  27. Louis Sapirman
    Vice President, Associate General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer
    Dun & Bradstreet
    New York, NY
  28. Lisa Schor Babin
    Senior Compliance & Ethics Leader
    Dun & Bradstreet
    Short Hills, NJ
  29. Monique Segarra
    Assistant Professor
    Environmental and Climate Policy
    The Bard Center for Environmental Policy
    Bard College
    Annandale-on-Hudson, NY
  30. Hemanth Setty
    Supply Product Leader
    Dun & Bradstreet
    Short Hills, NJ
  31. Gregg Sgambati
    Director, ESG Solutions
    S-Network Global Indexes, Inc.
    New York, NY
  32. Irit Tamir
    Advocacy Manager, Private Sector Department
    Oxfam America
    Boston, MA
  33. Julie Tanner
    Director of Socially Responsible Investing
    Christian Brothers Investment Services, Inc.
    New York, NY
  34. Faith Taylor
    Senior Vice President, CSR/Sustainability
    Wyndham Worldwide
    New York, NY
  35. LeeAnn Teal
    US Director of N.E.E.F. Mumbai
    NGO National Ecology and Environment Foundation
    Grantham, NH
  36. Catherine Tedrow
    Bard MBA in Sustainability Candidate
    Bard Graduate Programs in Sustainability
    Seattle, WA
  37. Donna Westerman
    Head of Retail and Consumer Goods and Vice President for Consulting
    Verisk Maplecroft
    New York, NY
  38. Stephanie Wilson
    Senior Program Manager
    Social Accountability International
    New York, NY
  39. Adrienne Wong
    Research Analyst, Supply Chain Impact
    JUST Capital
    New York, NY
  40. Alison Wortman
    Manager, International Development & Advocacy
    Dean’s Beans Organic Coffee Company
    Orange, MA
  41. Susan Wortman
    Independent Consultant
    Sleepy Hollow, NY
  42. Ursula Wynhoven
    Senior Advisor, Business and Human Rights
    Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights
    New York, NY