Impact Investing

Driving Social Purpose Through Measurable Investment Returns

SEPTEMBER 17, 2019


The Skytop Strategies team takes pride in assembling top-tier audiences
to maximize not only the discussion experience and accuracy of
polling results, but the networking experience as well.


  1. Shelley Alpern
    Director of Corporate Engagement
    Rhia Ventures
    Salem, MA
  2. R. Rox Anderson, M.D
    Professor of Dermatology
    Harvard Medical School
    Director of Wellman Center for Photomedicine
    Massachusetts General Hospital
    Boston, MA
  3. Susan Baker
    Vice President
    Trillium Asset Management
    Boston, MA
  4. Larry Beeferman
    the Pensions and Capital Stewardship Project
    Fellow, the Labor and Worklife Program
    Harvard Law School
    Boston, MA
  5. Andy Behar
    Chief Executive Officer
    As You Sow
    San Francisco, CA
  6. Sam Bennett
    Senior Advisor
    Impakt Corp
    Toronto, Canada
  7. Elise Bernal
    Family Member
    Bernal Family
    San Francisco, CA
  8. Herb Blank
    Senior Consultant
    Global Finesse LLC
    New York, NY
  9. Ian Blasco
    General Partner
    Sightway Capital
    Somervile, MA
  10. Hannah Bowen
    Network Manager
    Intentional Endowments Network
    Andover, MA
  11. Bill Brandt
    Director Strategic Integration
    ASU LightWorks
    Tempe, AZ
  12. Mark S. Brownstein
    Senior Vice President – Energy
    Environmental Defense Fund
    New York, NY
  13. Nicole Bryck
    Social Program Manager
    Impakt Corp
    Toronto, Canada
  14. Reid Capalino
    Aligned Climate Capital
    New York, NY
  15. Charles Cassidy
    CTCassidy, LLC
    Wellesley, MA
  16. John Chaimanis
    Managing Director
    Kendall Sustainable Infrastructure
    Boston, MA
  17. West Chapman
    Founder & CEO
    New York, NY
  18. Andy Chu
    Program Manager, Initiative for Responsible Investment
    Harvard University
  19. Marty Clemons
    North Carolina Industrial Hemp Association
    Durham, NC
  20. Bill Davis
    Managing Director,
    Stance Capital
    Boston, MA
  21. Gary Davis
    Managing Partner
    Triple Sharp Ventures
    Beverly, MA
  22. Emily M. DeMasi
    Investment Advisor
    NorthStar Asset Management Inc.
    Boston, MA
  23. John Didiuk, Esq.
    Director, International Project Finance
    Overseas Private Investment Corporation
    Washington, DC
  24. Amy DiMarzio
    Product Specialist
    Income Research + Management
    Boston, MA
  25. Mary Donovan
    Senior Analyst, National Accounts
    RBC Global Asset Management
    Boston, MA
  26. Lynn A Drake M.D.
    Director of Business Development
    The Wellman Center
    Boston, MA
  27. John Dvor
    MIRAKI Innovation, Managing Director
    Represent Chris Velis’s Single Family Office
    Cambridge, MA
  28. Lindy Farrar
    Boston, MA
  29. Julie Goodridge
    Founder & CEO
    NorthStar Asset Mangement
    Boston, MA
  30. Alicia Gorecki
    Corporate Engagement Fellow
    NY, New York
  31. Alexander Golding
    Lawrence Golding Foundation
    West Palm Beach, FL
  32. Evan Greenfield
    ESG Investments and Acquisition
    S&P Global
    New York, NY
  33. Chad Hagen
    Chairman & Group CEO
    Hagen Capital Group (SFO)
    Atlanta, GA
  34. Svea Herbst-Bayliss
    Thomson Reuters
  35. Spring Hollis
    Founder & Managing Partner
    Star Strong Capital
    New York, NY
  36. Danielle Holly
    Common Impact
    Brooklyn, NY
  37. Susan Israel
    Climate Creatives
    Newton, MA
  38. Ivy Jack
    Head of Equity Research
    NorthStar Asset Management Inc.
    Boston, MA
  39. Devin James
    Manager, Investor Relations & ESG
    Edison Electric Institute
    Washington, DC
  40. Emma Jenkins
    Account Manager, Reporter Services
    NY, New York
  41. Jim King
    Vice President
    Washington, DC
  42. Melissa King
  43. Paul Klein
    President & Founder
    Impakt Corp
    Toronto, Canada
  44. Bryan R. Lawrence
    Yorktown Partners, LLC
    New York, NY
  45. Peter Lupoff
    Lupoff Family Office
    Net Impact
    New York, NY
  46. Eric Maltzer
    Adjunct Professor
    Middlebury College
    Medora Ventures
    Los Angeles, CAAndover, MA
  1. Jeremy McCool
    Founder and Chief Executive Officer
    HEVO Inc.
    New York, NY
  2. Kathryn Mohan McDonald
    Head of Sustainable Investing
    AXA Rosenberg Investment Management
    Orinda, CA
  3. Erina McWilliam-Lopez
    Membership Manager
    Intentional Endowments Network
  4. Leah Merskey
    Social Program Coordinator
    Impakt Corp
    Toronto, Canada
  5. Gloria Mirrione
    Sector Leader, Asset Management/Co-Leader Impact Investing
    Korn Ferry
    New York, NY
  6. Leigh Moran
    Director Strategy and Communications
    Calvert Impact Capital
    Washington, DC
  7. Diane Mulcahy
    Senior Fellow, Director of Private Equity
    Kauffman Foundation
    New York, NY
  8. Mike Muldoon
    Associate Director, Innovative Finance
    The Rockefeller Foundation
    New York, NY
  9. Eleanor Murphy
    Director, Philanthropy and Engagement
    Boston, MA
  10. Ardyth Neill
    Heifer Foundation
    Little Rock, AR
  11. Laura Nixon
    Program Officer
    The Educational Foundation of America
    New York, NY
  12. Jesse Noel
    Vice President
    Secaucus, NJ
  13. Wellington Pak, MPP
    Head of Strategy
    FHI 360
    FHI Ventures
    Washington, DC
  14. Alessandra Paris
    Director, Analyst & Advisor Relations
    Sutherland Global
    Spencerport, NY
  15. Shivani Patel
    Associate Director, Institutional Sales
    RBC Global Asset Management
    New York, NY
  16. Matthew W. Patsky
    CFA, CEO & Portfolio Manager
    Trillium Asset Management
    Boston, MA
  17. Sean Petersen
    Venture Capital
    International Finance Corporation
    New York, NY
  18. Anastasia Pechler
    Investor Relations Analyst
    Calvert Impact Capital
    Bethesda, MD
  19. Cynthia Plouché
    Independent Board Trustee, Northern Funds/Northern Institutional Funds
    Northern Trust Corporation
    Chicago, IL
  20. Ethan Powell
    Impact Shares
    Frisco, TX
  21. Timothy Prewitt
    Former CEO
    International Development Enterprises
    Washington, DC
  22. Silvio Frank Pupo-Casco
    Managing Director
    Logos Capital
  23. Greg Ratliff
    Vice President
    Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors
    New York, NY
  24. Adam Rein
    Managing Director
    Boston, MA
  25. Will Relle
    Responsible Investment Consultant Associate
    Boston, MA
  26. Josh Roach
    Lloyd Capital Partners (SFO)
    Boston, MA
  27. Kelly Rogers
    Deputy Treasurer
    Office of Rhode Island General Treasurer Seth M. Magaziner
    Providence, RI
  28. Diane Rooney
    Senior Financial Advisor
    Merrill Lynch Wealth Management
    Cambridge, Ma
  29. Andre Almeida Santos
    Research Fellow, Initiative for Responsible Investment
    Harvard University
    Cambridge, MA
  30. Jeffrey Singer
    Senior Vice President, Global Strategy
    Nathan Associates
    Rockville, MD
  31. Kate Shattuck
    Co-Leader, Impact Investing
    Korn Ferry
    Washington, DC
  32. Caroline Shenoy
    Investor Relations Officer
    Calvert Impact Capital
    Bethesda, MD
  33. Liesel Pritzker Simmons
    Blue Haven Initiative (SFO)
    Cambridge, MA
  34. Esther Pan Sloane
    Head of Partnerships, Policy and Communications
    United Nations Capital Development Fund
    New York, NY
  35. Gregg Sgambati
    Director, Head of ESG
    S-Network Global Indexes
    New York, NY
  36. Tim Smith
    Director of ESG Shareowner Engagement
    Walden Asset Management
    Boston, MA
  37. Jack Takacs
    Executive Managing Director
    Monet Alternative Asset Management, LLC
    New York, NY
  38. James Talalas
    Investment Specialist
    Market Street Trust
    Portsmouth, NH
  39. Nicole Torrico
    Program Manager
    Intentional Endowments Network
    Andover, MA
  40. Diana Turoff
    President and Chief Executive Officer
    Finance Fund Capital Corporation
    Columbus, OH
  41. Vitaly Veksler, CFA
    Founder / CEO / Global Macro Portfolio Manager
    Beyond Borders Investment Strategies, LLC
    Boston, MA
  42. Lynsey Wenger
    Chief Financial Officer and Chief Sustainability Officer
    Menlo Park, CA
  43. Jo Lynne Whiting
    Boardbound, Women’s Leadership Foundation
    former corporate executive
    Aurora, CO
  44. Ali A. Zaidi
    Kirland Ellis LLP
    Washington, D.C
  45. Erica Zhen
    First Vice President
    Merrill Lynch
    Cambridge, Ma