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AUGUST 29, 2017

Gender Equality Award winners announced by Skytop Strategies & MediaPlanet

Outstanding achievement in promoting corporate gender equality goes to…

STOCKHOLM, Sweden – August 25, 2017 – Skytop Strategies, producer of live conferences for C-Suite, Boardroom and Investment professionals, today announced the winners of the 2017 Gender Equality Awards. This year’s nominees that have been selected are:

Company: Female Leader Engineer
CEO: Sandra Bourbon, Framtidsfeministen
Institutional Investor: Columbia Threadneedle Investments

The award recognizes industry leaders who have supported diversity in all forms by reinforcing a pipeline for women leaders. It is presented to those who have shown exemplary success in achieving gender parity in the C-suite and boardroom.

The nomination committee members for this year’s awards were Niklas Ekvall, Chief Executive Officer of AP4, Lena Olving, President and CEO of Mycronic AB and Håkan Nyberg, former Chief Executive Officer, at Nordet.

Christopher Skroupa, CEO of Skytop Strategies said, “We applaud the work that each of these winners has done to raise awareness and advance the conversation on gender equality in the corporate setting. We hope their recognition helps to spread the message that gender diversity in the C-suite and boardroom has proven to improve corporate performance.”

Sandra Bourbon, winner of the CEO award added, “Gender equality is more than a fairness issue. It is a financial matter. We only invest in gender equal companies as they have proven to yield higher profits. By doing so we promote gender equality at C-suite level and also put pressure on non-gender equal companies to step it up.”

Eva Fredriksson added, “Female Leader Engineer is extremely proud to receive this award. It is an honor for everyone in our big and growing network of talented women. Together we can make things happen in the area of gender equity!”

The awards will be presented at Mediaplanet’s Gender Equality Recognition Ceremony & Reception at Nasdaq in Stockholm on August 29th, immediately following Skytop Strategies’ ESG Integration Summit: Framework for Creating a Diverse and Dynamic Marketplace.

Skytop Strategies will further advance this discussion at the Gender Equality in the C-Suite and Boardroom conference this November in Chicago, IL.

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