“When we go to workshops to better understand the business channels, or go to a program like what [Skytop Strategies] hosts, we get the opportunity to meet people and get new perspectives. Connections online can be a great way to begin a conversation that would not have happened otherwise. Later, the conversation can be carried on face-to-face or in other ways.”

Social media connects Novo Nordisk with people in the room and across the globe, a feeling of inclusivity that Stormer described as “rich.”

According to Westfall, technology can negatively impact a company’s culture, as it has the potential to dehumanize engagement and therefore become easy to misinterpret.

“You see that in anecdotal ways, people are texting in a room instead of talking to each other in the same room,” Westfall stated. “The classic misinterpretation of email has only been exacerbated, but now I can tweet it to you in 144 characters.”

How is the digital age defined in relation to the human being?

“Capturing attention is the first objective. An emotional connection is essential to move human beings in a direction of action,” Westfall stated. “Technology is advancing at an incredible pace, but it is useless if it does not serve as a catalyst of engaging the human being.”

According to Westfall, there has been a technological inflection point with employee engagement within the past three years. “Stories and myths have been traditional forms of communication, remembering much of human history,” Westfall said. “We need to embrace this as we consider technology innovation, and shape both the technology and the business opportunity around this.”

On the other hand, integrating the human element aspect with technology demonstrates an improved system of communication to help people understand and relate on a personal level.

“Businesses that either leverage technology or directly address this fundamental need will be well positioned in our ever accelerating technological world; they will have put the human being, in a non-centralized fashion, first. The necessity is to bring the human element into the overall story,” Westfall reiterated. “After all the focus is around the human being, so why shouldn’t we communicate more naturally and empathetically with them?”