“Social media channels have altered the notion that the corporate voice has the authoritative story to share–instead it is about engaging in conversations,” Stormer explained.  “It gives a richer perspective when you include two-way dialogue.”

In this capacity, she sets the strategic direction for the company as a sustainability leader, pioneering the demonstration of long-term business value in the incorporation of economic, social, and environmental perspectives into its market proposition.

“The key is that social media can be a great way to humanize an organization to give it voice. Everyone that works and associates with the company can engage on things that matter to them via social media platforms. It is a good way to connect your personal values through your work.”

On the other hand, millennials’ version of privacy has changed from that of preceding generations.

The boundary between work and private life is very thin in the digital age, and leveraging passion in a company setting is now debatable.

Stormer said that in the digital age, most companies implement social media restrictions, using policies to prevent employees from engaging at work.

“You have to be diligent and be sure you do not compromise company values by speaking with your personal voice,” Stormer added.  “The company values that we have are a way to help guide people to be respectful and honest in their communications with the company’s stakeholders.”

Novo Nordisk has social media guidelines that all employees have to follow, as well as an assisting digital media team.  However, the company does not set restricted guidelines on how employees should behave online. Novo Nordisk does not prevent employees from accessing social media at work.

In fact, Stormer views social media as a powerful tool.

“We have more than 40,00 people working at Novo Nordisk, so we have 40,000 potential ambassadors and voices. It’s a fantastic way to multiply the company’s reach in an authentic way,” Stormer advised. “When our CEO was named one of ‘The Best-Performing CEOs in the World’ by Harvard Business Review last year, it was one of the most shared stories by our employees on social media.  The fact that employees are proud and share news with networks is worth more than traditional employee branding. It is genuine and it’s something they do on their own accord.”

Stormer also believes that digital connectivity has opened up new ways to connect with stakeholders for Novo Nordisk due to the vast exchange of information. However, having access through the channels of digital media creates an expectation that a two-way dialogue will be ensured. But, the digital world cannot replace important human interaction in the workplace.