“If you don’t do that, you won’t move quickly enough and your competition will swallow you up–at least in our space,” he said.

“With one of our investments, we brought in a consultant that worked with us for a week, put our processes in place and then implemented those processes,” Papadeas said. “We are constantly evolving. As a fast-growing company it’s vital to ensure sure employees are engaged at all levels. In the world of digital, it’s more important than anywhere else, to constantly be evolving, testing, learning, and growing.”

Employee engagement helps drive business results, according to Julia Urbanchuk, Senior Director, Global Talent & Organization Development at eBay.  “When you create a work environment that fosters creativity, drive, and values the whole person, you support team members to bring their hearts and minds to do their best at work everyday.”

Urbanchuk explained that eBay provides frequent feedback to leaders about culture, engagement and organizational effectiveness.  They assess employee satisfaction by measuring an array of factors. The company is clear about the top drivers for engagement: purpose, culture, values, growth and career, which are critical to get right to engage employees in the digital age.

“Also critical to engagement is the relationship of the employee with their manager.  We look at leadership effectiveness, including a net promoter aspect and culture leadership.  Leaders play a key role in demonstrating the culture strengths our company needs and creating an engaging environment.  We strive to ensure our actions are consistent with our cultural values,” Urbanchuk said.

Urbanchuk is currently developing a culture award program, using crowd sourcing technology.  The program intends to celebrate those who are significantly advancing eBay’s culture. “Culture and engagement go hand-in-hand,” Urbanchuk says.

Like eBay, Dom&Tom use several communication tools to integrate professional development to make communication flow efficiently.

“One of the investments was to bring in a consultant that worked with us for a week, put our processes in place and then implement those processes,” Papadeas said. “We are constantly evolving, as a fast growing company you need to make sure the employees are engaged at all levels.”

According to Susanne Stormer–who leads Novo Nordisk’s efforts to be a sustainable business–the delicate relationship between employee engagement and business results can be reinforced through social media. Stormer is charged with management of corporate sustainability-driven programs, the integrated Annual Report, stakeholder engagements, and communication on the value of the company’s Triple Bottom Line (TBL) business principle.