The Nexus for Exclusive Insight, 
Empowering Executives to Navigate Change


Skytop Strategies convenes companies through high-content programs designed to empower longevity within their respective industries and around the global marketplace.


We create an arena for experienced professionals to navigate large-scale concepts and implement sustainable, ethical and productive practices.


Skytop Strategies provides a platform for market-moving dialogue by connecting decision makers through actionable exchange, revolutionizing the way 21st century companies create value.

  • "We push aside passive classroom style experiences and combine peer discovery with the latest expert guidance on emerging practices. We convene. You engage, discover and apply."

    Christopher P. Skroupa Founder and CEO

Practice Areas

As the corporate landscape evolves around global, social, environmental and economic change, Skytop Strategies works to facilitate discussion with executive-level corporate leaders, institutional investors, stakeholders, reputable industry experts, and authoritative NGO/government agencies around corporate strategy. Find the program that’s right for you by choosing from one of our practice areas below.