The Nexus for Exclusive Insight and Networking, 
Empowering Executives to Navigate Change

Skytop Strategies provides a platform for market-moving dialogue by connecting decision makers through actionable exchange, revolutionizing the way 21st century companies create value. As the corporate landscape evolves around global, social, environmental and economic change, Skytop Strategies works to facilitate discussion with executive-level corporate leaders, institutional investors, stakeholders, reputable industry experts, and authoritative NGO/government agencies around corporate strategy. We create an arena for experienced professionals to navigate large-scale concepts and implement sustainable, ethical and productive practices. Skytop Strategies convenes companies through high-content programs designed to empower longevity within their respective industries and around the global marketplace.

  • "We push aside passive classroom style experiences and combine peer discovery with the latest expert guidance on emerging practices. We convene. You engage, discover and apply."

    Christopher P. Skroupa Founder and CEO


  • Chris Pulliam
    Chris Pulliam Managing Partner, Delegate Engagement

    “We convene top executives from some of the world’s highly regarded organizations so they can garner solutions to emerging challenges in sustained performance. Leading delegate engagements as we build Skytop Strategies at this early stage of my career is a dream come true.  I am able to facilitate meetings with leaders who can help us build a better future.”


  • Luke Olson
    Luke Olson Managing Partner, Engagement

    “With a personal passion for assisting firms today with some of the most pressing matters concerning corporate responsibility, I seek to connect the marketplace with cutting-edge solutions providers for a mutually beneficial outcome. There is a great amount of personal significance for me in collaborating with various organizations, in order to materialize and increase long-term value.”


  • Jon Scorcia
    Jon Scorcia Managing Partner, Chief of Staff

    “My goals are to identify current and future issues that companies and their shareholders should prioritize more highly. Skytop Strategies has given me the opportunity to pursue my personal goals of creating a stronger and more interconnected business world. I am committed to facilitate an environment that allows everyone to gain more subject knowledge and provide new networking capabilities.”


  • Stephen St. Denis
    Stephen St. Denis Managing Director, Finance

    “I am very excited to be part of a team that works at bringing about positive change.  I focus on leading Skytop Strategies in the right financial direction to facilitate the most efficient work from our team while coordinating with our partners to fund programs and promote the firm’s financial growth.”


  • Donald Pingaro
    Donald Pingaro Managing Director, Marketing Communications

    “Proudly working alongside Skytop’s driven and enthusiastic marketing team, I provide executive leadership and strategic management of all in-bound and out-bound marketing activities worldwide. I design attractive web, print and social content to marry brand & business across channels, preserving our remarkable company’s allure and growing magnetism”


  • Maureen McCarthy
    Maureen McCarthy Managing Director, Program Development

    “I aspire to spark the necessary conversations for today’s changing corporate landscape; I support the development of our programs to reflect this relevant and ever-evolving subject matter.”


  • Altimont Parker
    Altimont Parker Vice President, Market Research

    “It’s inspiring to play a part in bringing together those who wish to explore how to create lasting and dynamic change for an improved business world. I take pride in helping provide a platform for thought leaders to demonstrate their expertise to an audience that desires insignts about developing more sustainable business value for today, and beyond.”


  • Kelly Seiz
    Kelly Seiz Vice President, Editorial Content

    “Our programs create an arena of policy makers, subject experts, government agencies and other industry leaders to generate top-level, impactful discussions. My job is to deliver those exclusive conversations to the public by curating compelling, comprehensive content through our online presence on Forbes and other outlets.”


  • Bradley Moody
    Bradley Moody Vice President, Partnership Engagement

    “I believe that convoking experts in related fields, many of whom have never met, will emanate solutions never known before.  I seek to utilize a variety of global resources and build quality relationships with professionals domestically and abroad to fabricate tomorrow’s corporate landscape.  I believe, that is the path to long-term value, sustainability, and good corporate social responsibility.”


  • Hayley Torswick
    Hayley Torswick Vice President, Engagement Experience

    “By combining strategy, logistics and negotiation, I create polished, well-organized conference environment that fosters open dialogue and collaborative problem solving. It is extremely rewarding to see clients forge new valuable connections and gain exclusive insight after months of preparation.”


  • Richard Sparano
    Richard Sparano Vice President, Engagement

    “Through comprehensive research and collaboration, I am devoted to finding sponsors with objectives and commitments in direct alignment with our multidisciplinary delegations. This ensures that those in attendance leave fortified with the solutions and knowledge necessary to address the issues in question, facilitating long-term relationships between them, and in turn, with us.”


  • Maura Murphy
    Maura Murphy Vice President, Program Development

    “The program development team engages with top-level experts and executives while collaborating with the supportive and integrative teams here at Skytop. I aspire to stimulate the dialogue between executives and their shareholders, and cultivate the atmosphere for assessment and application.”


  • Joshua Galow
    Joshua Galow Vice President, Delegate Engagement

    “Our goal is to provide an environment that facilitates thought leadership, while providing an engaging and dynamic learning experience. Convening delegates from such a broad range of industries opens the dialogue for solutions applicable to both global and local firms alike.”


  • Colin Hines
    Colin Hines Vice President, Delegate Engagement

    “Skytop Strategies has given me the opportunity to connect with the world’s business leaders and their shareholders to transform today’s risks into tomorrow’s opportunities. I am highly motivated to facilitate engaging discussions between multidisciplinary groups of executives in order to help them discover and apply emerging best practices that create long term company value.”


  • Alexandra Miller
    Alexandra Miller Vice President, Engagement

    “With a growing demand for a socially responsible, transparent, and resilient global market, I enjoy facilitating the conversation that allows companies to move forward into the twenty first century. Bringing together the correct decision makers in order to proliferate information and incite change.”


  • Chris Foster
    Chris Foster Vice President, Delegate Engagement

    “As a member of Skytop’s Delegate team, I am devoted to engaging with professionals to create business solutions and strategies designed to generate long-term value. I am passionate about the contribution I put forth in collaborating with my team to generate a prosperous market environment. Providing educational value and business development opportunities to companies and their shareholders affords me the possibility to promote longevity. ”


  • Rami Abouemira
    Rami Abouemira Vice President, Program Development

    “I am excited to be an integral part of the creative function of this company. Fostering a healthy and productive work environment is a major part of my larger philosophy of changing the business world. My passion in staff development and organizational development fit well.”


  • Cara Introcaso
    Cara Introcaso Coordinator, Engagement Support

    “These deep-dive discussions which we create are carefully tailored to provide holistic knowledge of each issue at hand. Through extensive research, I work to hand-pick the organizations and individuals most affiliated with these emerging topics to join us, striving to create an ideal atmosphere for evaluation and resolution.”


  • Cody Medina
    Cody Medina Vice President, Market Research

    “I am proudly involved in a process that promotes passionate and thought provoking discussions, specifically tailored to sustainable values. I seek out individuals that strongly align with our programs in order to provide a platform that fosters change within a business. To be a part of such a dynamic group of people makes the job that much more gratifying.”


  • Casey Wolter
    Casey Wolter Coordinator, Marketing Communications

    “I apply research and creativity to design strategic initiatives that engage clients and leverage brand awareness. Alongside the highly talented marketing team, I conduct multiple concurrent marketing campaigns that communicate the vision of the company. ”


  • Brendan Egan
    Brendan Egan Coordinator, Marketing Research

    “I have the privilege of working with warm hearted, cohesive professionals. Who strive for the mutual successes of maximizing our company’s full potential. It’s truly an incredible experience when you walk into any job with a smile, and enthusiasm to diligently work, knowingly contributing to a genuinely unique company on a day to day basis.”


  • Michael De Pinto
    Michael De Pinto Coordinator, Marketing Communications

    “I apply research and knowledge of current marketing trends and competing brands to create a competitive advantage for our numerous campaigns. I invest my time in the understanding of millennial marketing tactics to better our business practices and stay on the forefront of effective communication. My time with the incredible marketing team is giving me experience I would otherwise not see for years within the field.”